Beddingwood | "Docufiction" (2005): Images from a now defunkt shipyard.

The images creates some sort of a “hyper realism” – a realism that at all times is anchored through documentation, but that at the same time creates a fictive zone that makes possible retrospective as well as sideways views onto the real world. I worked associatively and let the rooms tell me what should happen to them - inspired by own connection to the site, personal stories, and family that worked here.

'The Sun' is the main image of this series. My intention was that every change of the view to another point, would also be a change in time and orientation. In this setting lines plays an important role. I use the light – the radiating lines from the sun, or maybe an explosion, to give space and air, or to a certain extent; to confuse the perspective and scale. It’s not an equation with an outcome, but a confrontation with an endless set of questions and answers about perception, attention and cognition. Each "scene"/panorama are put together by three to five different images.

The cinematic format was choosen due to some early plans to convert the abandoned shipyard halls into gigantic film studios. The images were shooted just days before the halls instead were torn down. In that perspective “Beddingwood” becomes a confrontation of an 'is', 'would be' and 'was'.