Siw Amina Bech

Bech has a background as scenographer, and her photography has frequently related to a scenographic approach. Her portfolio consists of both straight and processed photography. She aims to use the means of set and stage production to modulate communication - whether in exhibition projects or performance.  She often merges traditional photographic techniques, staged sets and digital methods, combining multiple images and/or other media. Since 2010 Bechs projects has mainly focused towards political and humanitarian issues, combining political engagement with photography based projects.

In 2011 she also established the project site Art & Social Practice, where art & design is beeing used to raise awareness on humanitarian challenging issues.These projects emphasize various aspects of delivery, and moves freely between art, social practice, humanitarian work & entrepreneurship.



Bands; Always Lulu (duo with Anniken Paulsen), SveveCompagniet and Hungry Hearts Performance Band.

"My approach is simple - I value the unexpected and remain open to new ideas. I constantly explore new directions"


Member of:  Norwegian Artist assiciation (NBK), Visual  Artists, Østfold (ØBK), Association of Fine art Photographers in Norway (FFF).



Relansering av Lambda (The Relaunch of Lambda - as the new Munch museum)

Herreros Arquitectos won the competition to build the new Munch Museum, with the concept titled Lambda. After the competition the process has been an ongoing farce. Late August '12 we started an initiative to relaunch Lambda.


Relansering av Lambda Facebook pageLambda i Bjørvika website (Both Norwegian only)